"If Michael Herr, David Morrell and Robert Stone wrote a book together, this would be it. 'The Pressure of Darkness' is a tremendous novel that works on every level."
-Ken Bruen
(author of "The Guards and The Dramatist")

Directed by Yossi Sasson
Screenplay by Harry Shannon
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"Running Cold is the fourth, and by my reckoning,
the best of the Mick Callahan novels by Harry Shannon"
- horrordrivein.com

"Harry Shannon's "A Host of Shadows" represents an upsetting sample of neuro-psychiatric fiction exploring the dark secrets of human brain."
- Publisher's Weekly

Harry Shannon's A Host of Shadows "...real fear arises from uncertainty..."
- Los Angeles Times


The Mick Callahan Series

Psychologist Mick Callahan, flawed hero of Harry Shannon's taut thriller Memorial Day, wants to escape his violent past. He's finally back in the game, with a successful radio show, a new girlfriend and money in the bank. And then along comes Mary, the young drug addict who saved his life in Dry Wells. Mick Callahan is the kind of man who pays his debts, even if that means putting everything on the line. When Mary is abducted from his home all hell breaks loose. Callahan gathers his eccentric friends, sets out to find her and ends up confronting a gang of vicious psychopaths at Nevada's bizarre Burning Man Festival.

"Meet Mick Callahan, a former television talk-show psychiatrist foiled by his own ego (and a penchant for liquid refreshment). Let's hope he's around for a long run."

"Callahan is more than an echo of the hardboiled sleuths from other standout detective series from Parker, Crais, MacDonald and Thompson; he is a fresh new voice, a flawed everyman hero who knows his own demons and his own limitations and is strong enough to overcome.
Stands with some of the very best noir mystery fiction around."

"I have to admit to being thrilled with my introduction to Mick Callahan and not only is he likeable, (as deemed by Library Journal) but he managed to endear himself to this reader as a very realistic hero, with a strong sense of purpose and an equal dash of vulnerability."

"Mick Callahan is a man with a past, a mean right hook, and a radio talk show. He's pretty good at giving people advice - just not necessarily good at taking it...the real strength of this series is in its central characters, flawed, human, often funny, sometimes tragic, and the relationships among them."

This, the third Callahan novel, is the best of this young series, tightly plotted and sharply written. Mick continues to be a very compelling series lead, a hero who is flawed in interesting but not incapacitating ways. With any luck this is still early days for this increasingly addictive series.
- Booklist -

Radio talk show psychologist Mick Callahan is back and better than ever. "One of the Wicked" cements Shannon’s ascent to the top of the mystery/thriller genre. One of the best mystery-thrillers of the year, and there’s still a lot of room for Callahan to breathe. Highly recommended.
- Horror World -


Best-selling horror writer Peter Stryker is found in a locked suite after what the police describe as a night of 'self-mutilation.' Classical music playing softly in the background, Stryker laid out medical instruments, filleted his own flesh, and cauterized each wound unto death.

But would a man commit suicide by butchering his own body?

Investigator Jack Burke follows a bloody trail to the answer. He ends up facing both a vicious drug lord out for revenge and an evil cult that seeks to destroy the world by unleashing a deadly new virus.

"I can't recommend The Pressure of Darkness enough to someone whom has yet to read Shannon's prose. Here, he is at the top of his game. Honest, cutting, and just plain talented as hell."

"Masterful craftsmanship. THE PRESSURE OF DARKNESS is a dark and thrilling stroll along the knife edge."
--Cemetery Dance

"Nerve-wracking, fast-moving--solid, nail-biting horror. Highly recommended."
-Horror Fiction Review

"Gritty, absorbing, and wonderfully written---Shannon grabs you by the short hairs and tugs until you scream. This is easily one of the best thrillers of the year."
--J.A. Konrath
(Author of the Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Series)

"A blend of horror, Eastern philosophy, Spec Ops thriller, and virus white-knuckler, The Pressure of Darkness keeps the pages turning as fast as your hands can move. Strap in and read fast, or this one'll leave without you."
--Gregg Hurwitz
(Author of the Tim Rackley novels)

"The Pressure of Darkness by Harry Shannon is not only a first-rate thriller, a first-rate mystery, and a first-rate action-adventure, it is, hands-down, the best horror novel Shannon has yet written. One of the things I've come to admire about Harry Shannon's work is that it's among the most muscular and unpretentious being written in any field, and Shannon heartily embraces Gary's Golden Rule of Writing Good Fiction: Forget Genre. Shannon will use any element necessary in order to tell his story the way the story demands to be told, so it's no surprise that The Pressure of Darkness blurs nearly every genre line you can name. At a hefty 440 pages, it reads like a book half that length."
--Gary A. Braunbeck
"Best Reads of 2006"

Dead and Gone the Novel
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"Tightly-written and beautifully-paced, this is the literary equivalent of a ghastly story told around a campfire, and it is an absolute blast from start to finish. In fact, I can't wait to read it again."
- Gary A. Braunbeck, 5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner, author of Coffin County and The Carnival Within -

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Dead and Gone Soundtrack
Buy the CD Soundtrack by legendary
'Friday the 13th' composer Harry Manfredini

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Listen to the music from the film and also the song
'Forty Years of Pain' written and sung by Harry Shannon

Dead and Gone - The Trailer

"Dead and Gone is a cool throwback to those delightfully over the top horror movies of the 80's when there were as many laughs as there were scares. (Shannon) also sneaks in some sharp insights into human nature and some of his own personal philosophies. But don't let that worry you. He's much more interested in giving his readers a roller coaster ride than any sort of morality play."
-Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-Inn

Rocker/comedian Kyle Gass appeared on 'Without Your Head" on June 27th to discuss his career, his role in "Dead and Gone" and course
the immortal Tenacious D. The forty minute interview is achieved here.<

Dead and Gone
From Delirium Books, August '08

Horror  Get more DEAD AND GONE news at Feo Amante!

Horror  "Dead and Gone" MySpace page

Horror  FANGORIA has covered "Dead and Gone" and the article is here...

Horror  Staci Wilson of About.com recently interviewed DEAD AND GONE director Yossi Sasson
and Hairy Himself

Horror  Harry has just completed the script to his first horror film, tentatively entitled "DEAD AND GONE," which will be produced in 2005 by Dark Haze Productions and directed by Israeli fetish photographer Yossi Sasson (www.darkhaze.net)

Horror  DEAD AND GONE LIVES at Feo Amante.com!
Okay, I don't know about anyone else, but I've actually had a few dreams come true, and I'm often amazed by how flat and anti-climactic an experience that can be. Yet when I found myself on a movie set in Angeles Crest Forest, staring at a decrepit redwood cabin dressed exactly like the one I'd first imagine almost a year before, I couldn't help but feel a little chill. Click here for more.

"Above the pack. There are elements of a psychological thriller blended in that keeps the audience constantly guessing what will happen next. Do yourself a favor and give it try, you will not be disappointed."
- HomeTheaterInfo.com -

"Dead and Gone is a stand-out among the countless madmen movies stalking the new release shelf."
- Video Business -

"A gleeful moment for buffs of the genre like myself...one of the scariest direct-to-DVD horror comedies released in years. The last 25 minutes are truly frightening. Not only does it have the ability to send chills up the spine, but it will also have you biting your nails down to the core."
- Blogcritics.org -

"The bastard offspring of Twin Peaks and The Evil Dead."
- Fangoria -

"While it's scary and well-written, there's a fun tongue-in-cheek quality. Harry Shannon goes for the kitchen sink approach, resulting in deliriously good time. A cool throwback to those delightfully over the top horror movies of the 80's when there were as many laughs as there were scares."
- HorrorDrive-In.com -

"DEAD AND GONE is an unpretentious low budget horror flick with psychological underpinnings that is in many ways a throwback to the straight to video horror movies of the 1980's. Sasson and company have nailed the tropes of that era. The acting is far better than you're likely to find in most low budget, or even medium budget, horror film these days. Has a professional polish that rises above its meager budget."
- FearZone -

"A diamond in the rough, very stylized movie filled with ghoulish humor. A competent little fright fest with some truly eerie and imaginative camera work...as headsy and darkly humorous as it is gory. Get together with your friends and break out the brews."
- Dread Central -

"A bizarre backwoods epic in the hallucinatory tradition of 80’s classics like AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON & EVIL DEAD II. There’s some juicy splatter along the way for gorehounds to enjoy. The makeup in this flick is fantastic...reminded me of a prime TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode. Something about the combination of pitch black humor and splatter."
- Horror Yearbook -

"Part 21st-century ghost flick, part gore film, part zombie movie, part '70s backwoods horror and part ... um, insurance-scam thriller, one thing Dead and Gone will never be accused of is conforming to the tired clichés of low-budget indie filmmaking. Writer Harry Shannon and director Yossi Sasson obviously set out to do something different, and in that they more than succeeded....relentless wackiness...surprisingly fun."
- Boheimian.com -

"Dead and Gone has certainly broken my slump with its fun, darkly comedic story and blood-drenched finale. If you’re looking for a solid indie flick to check out, this is IT!"
- Fatally Yours -


The Night Trilogy

Congrats to Harry for his 2003 Tombstone award for "Night Of The Werewolf"!

"Harry Shannon's thematic 'Night' trilogy--despite the trappings, the body counts, and despite the deliberately ham-fisted titles--has a literary muscle rarely seen in the horror field these days; in fact, the last time I can remember reading novels that were both this action-packed and this smart was in the heyday of Robert McCammon. Shannon is a writer of incredible energy who never blinks his eye for detail."
-Gary A. Braunbeck

"Harry Shannon's 'Night of the Werewolf' is a scary-as-hell journey through nightmare country."

-Douglas Clegg

"Shannon's writing is controlled, assured, and filled with the kind of spooky atmosphere that used to make you hide your head under the bedcovers on wind-wracked nights."

-Tom Piccirilli

Both Bloody Disgusting and Toxic SHock TV cover the exciting new "Daemon" book trailer

"Daemon" Creeps Closer! Read More »

A brand new production company associated with Romero's "Land of the Dead" has just optioned Harry's screenplays to both "Night of the Daemon" and "Night of the Werewolf", more details soon.

Brimestone Turnpike

"Each story features high-quality characterization and plotting. All are so well attuned to the theme that the book reads more seamlessly than many novels."
- Booklist

Order Now
Brimstone Turnpike

Edited by Kealan Patrick Burke

Featuring BEHOLD THE CHILD by Harry Shannon

Harry has a creepy novella called "Behold the Child" in an upcoming Cemetery Dance anthology that edited by the gifted Kealan Patrick Burke. The book is called "Brimstone Turnpike," and is now available for preorder via the Cemetery Dance.com website, Shocklines.com, Amazon.com and other online booksellers. The anthology also features Thomas F. Monteleone, Tim Waggoner, Scott Nicholson and Michael Oliveri.

Booklist writes, "Each story features high-quality characterization and plotting. All are so well attuned to the theme that the book reads more seamlessly than many novels."

And from Library Journal: "This eerie collection includes five chilling tales with a common motif, a deserted highway with a ruined gas station where an old black man gives a traveler a special gift that could change his or her destiny. From Thomas F. Monteleone's story of a reporter's collision with the truth ("The Prime Time of Spenser Golding") to Harry Shannon's depiction of a detective's journey into darkness ("Behold the Child"), these tales delve into the realm of nightmare and wish fulfillment."

"A talented author at the top of his form."
-Morbid Musings

"A bloody good time, and I do mean bloody."
- Del Howison, Dark Delicacies

"Harry Shannon takes age-old themes and gives them a new and fearsome bite. Vividly realized, his writing is controlled, assured, and filled with the kind of spooky atmosphere that used to make you hide your head under the bedcovers on wind-wracked nights."
-Tom Piccirilli -

"At the top of his game. Honest, cutting, and just plain talented as hell."
- Hellnotes -

"Dark wit, excellent writing and action-packed pace."
- The Rap Sheet, January Magazine -

"An author who has proven he's got what it takes to excel."
- New Mystery Reader -

"Stylish, incisive writing that transcends the barriers of genre."
- Paul Bishop (author of the FEY CROAKER LAPD series) -

"For those who like their murder cold and their stories hot as a smoking gun. Harry Shannon's narration is as sharply defined as the austere Nevada landscape through which his characters move; it peers into every dark corner of the human condition. A sumptuous feast, with authentic dialogue, acerbic wit and enough 'reality bites' to satiate the hungriest fan of crime noir."
- Gina Gallo (author of ARMED AND DANGEROUS) -

"The author creates genuine tension, keeping us interested in the characters so we want to know what will happen to them next."
- Cemetery Dance -

"Harry Shannon's prose stands hip-deep in swagger, confidence, and wit. Put this guy on your list of favorites-that's where he belongs."
- Thomas F. Monteleone -

"One of the more gifted writers to break into the horror/thriller genres this century."
- Scott Nicholson (author of "The Farm")