"DEAD AND GONE is probably the best book about the paranormal and a man's descent into madness since THE SHINING."
Gregory Hall, ChoateRoad.com

Directed by Yossi Sasson
Screenplay by Harry Shannon
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The Mick Callahan Novels
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Mick Callahan is a man with a mission - to get his life back on track. The once prosperous L.A. media "shrink" with the muscular arms and killer grin lost it all, the house, the women, the fame, the fortune. Booze, drugs and his own misguided ego left him bankrupt and disillusioned. Now sober and humbled by the necessity of accepting a low paying radio show "fill-in" job, he finds himself facing the Memorial Day weekend in the small desert town of Dry Wells, Nevada (second only to Roswell, New Mexico, in UFO sitings). The irony of the situation is not lost on Mick; he grew up not far from here on a small ranch in the high desert. It was a tough childhood and he'd rather not remember it. He can't wait to finish his gig and "get outta Dodge." The plan is simple; field some calls, answer some questions, collect the measley $300 bucks, and drive back to L.A. for some promising auditions and a "comeback." But a young, very troubled female caller turns out to be the daughter of Lowell Palmer, the richest and most powerful rancher in the county. When she ends up dead at the "Memorial Day" picnic, Mick is pulled into a small-town "who-dunnit," where everyone is a suspect.

In Eye of the Burning Man, when child pornographers kidnap Mick's maid's young nephew, and a crack whore asks Mick for protection, he is happy to leave the studio to mix it up with the lowlifes—-but what if he's being set up for a lethal case of revenge?

And in One of the Wicked, Mick is doing a pal a favor. Bud Stone owes money to a gangster named Big Paul Pesci. He’s worried about his ex-girlfriend and asks Mick to keep her safe. But when Stone rips off a drug dealer to pay Pesci, the situation explodes. The girl disappears and Mick finds himself caught between the police and the Russian Mob.

The Pressure of Darkness

In October, of 1993 a small Special Ops team roped down in Somalia to assassinate a cult leader. The mission went horribly wrong. Their leader was killed, the medic shot in the spine. Only two of the D-Boys, Red Burke and Scotty Bowden, came away unscathed. The aging soldiers now live in the LA area. Wheelchair bound 'Doc' is employed by the Coroner's office, Bowden is steadily a deteriorating cop on the take and Burke works both sides of the law to cover his wife’s medical bills. When famous horror novelist Peter Stryker is found dead, Burke is hired to investigate why a man would commit suicide by butchering his own body. The trail rapidly leads Burke to embrace an old lover, confront a vicious drug lord, and finally recruit his friends to stage one last mission against a mysterious cult with plans to unleash a deadly virus.


Black Ops specialist Jeff Lehane burned out fast and retired young. He still has nightmares about a bloody mission into Iraq, right on the eve of the war. Yet Lehane reluctantly agrees to assist his ex-wife, who is guarding a Latino rap star. She is killed during the concert, and Jeff soon discovers that someone-or something-has broken into the morgue to eat from her corpse. Outraged, Lehane assembles his former team and they begin to hunt down the ghoul that is stalking Las Vegas.

Dead and Gone

Unemployed actor Jack Wade takes his comatose wife to an isolated spot in the mountains, a place where a man once murdered his entire family. Frankie was a successful movie producer, but now they have run out of money. This dilapidated cabin is all they have left. As the long, lonely nights stretch out before him, Jack's dreams overflow with nightmarish images. The isolation loosens his grip on reality. He believes Frankie is capable of leaving her bed and moving around. And as Jack falls apart inside the cabin, someone or something else begins stalking the woods outside. Is the mountain evil, the cabin haunted? Or is poor Jack just going insane? Dead and Gone is a relentless, non-stop exercise in terror.

Night of the Beast

Welcome to the dying little town of Two Trees, Nevada; built in a place the Native Americans called 'The Valley of the Bones.' Something evil has awakened, something that feeds on the darkest of human emotions. This book pays clever homage to a number of classic 1980's horror novels.